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Nvidia's CEO reportedly slams rival AMD's new 7-nanometer gaming graphics card (NVDA, AMD)

The outspoken CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, has been offering some choice comments about AMD’s exciting new GPU, the Radeon VII. It seems Huang isn’t too worried about competition from the revolutionary new release, labeling it “underwhelming” whilst claiming that Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 will “crush it.” The AMD Radeon VII is based on a 7 nm manufacturing process.

Like everyone else, we're eager to get our hands on AMD's new Radeon VII graphics card and run it through a gamut of games to see how it performs, and especially how it compares to other high-end GPUs. That day will come, probably on or just before the February 7 launch date. In the meantime, it turns out AMD shared more of its own benchmark data than we initially thought.During the AMD's keynote yesterday, Dr. Lisa Su talked about the Radeon VII while several graphs splashed on the big screen behind her. Those graphs contained only a handful of benchmarks, including a mix of content creation and actual games.The folks at HardOCP noticed that AMD included a bunch more benchmarks buried in the footnotes section of its press release. It's a jumbled mess, so we cleaned things up for easy viewing. Here's a look:

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